Art Somewhere produce facilitated creative hangouts for the community. We provide safe places, either in person or online, for people new to creative practices to experiment and learn in
non-structured teaching environments.
At every hangout, we have at least two facilitators, including qualified art teachers, arts educators and guest artists.

Participants can work with a creative intention or choose to be guided by their facilitators. The facilitators will spend time with every participant encouraging their abilities and inspiring their practice.

Supported by 107 Projects.

Art materials in foreground


Hannah Saunders, Annette Innis and Kate Schlunke have been working together for over two years bringing Art Somewhere to Redfern and Green Square. Recently, with support from 107 Projects, they transitioned the program to give people access from their homes. The team are passionate about making creativity accessible and work within art, community and education.

Art at Home Team: 
Producers: Hannah Saunders & Jennifer Noorbergen
Videographers: Sophie Saville & Jamie Gray
Hosts: Annette Innis & Kate Schlunke

Art at Home Team